An ex-firefighter living with PTSD who serves as the psychiatrist for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Will his demons devour him or destroy them?
A legendary racing family splits, then competes on and off the track for power, respect and speed in the multimillion dollar business of racing.
Never Contented Things
Newly deceased musician Grant McCollum is recruited by a psychic medium who runs a talent agency for the dead. Grant finds that he and his fellow ghosts aren't the only unliving things out there ... and there just might be a fate worse than death.
Safehouse Salem
In a small town, an ex-witch must help the magical creatures and people who show up at her door seeking protection from whatever nasty thing is chasing them. However, her own dark past is putting innocent lives at risk.
Stew Pendus
Stewart Penduski is a highly successful, highly respected, world, renowned motivational speaker and life coach. If he could only give up the womanizing, drinking and drugs, he might actually be able to fix his own life.
Cypress Ridge
A young woman, while tracking her missing father in New Orleans, discovers that her family has a dark, mysterious super natural past.
Dead 9
Grant Price, a washed-up once respected True Crime writer, smells a new best-selling book and opportunity to get back on top when a young woman confesses to him that she believes she's a serial killer in her past life, responsible for countless unsolved murders.
Dick Tracy 2014
At the height of a prohibition on guns in 2041, Dick Tracy, a formerly discharged FBI agent, Head to Los Angeles to avenge his fahter's death and bring down a crime syndicate known as "The Elements"
A secret army of Victorian prostitutes does battle with an ancient evil on the seedy streets of Whitechapel in a supernatural telling of Jack the Ripper.
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